What we do

Action and Reflection is a the fundamental  principle of our work.


We stop and Reflect on our Actions in regular times of Withdrawal, Prayer, Sharing and with the Help of a White Board or two, we Refocus, Recharge (our batteries) and Respond to what we believe God has guided us to adjust, do a new or carry on doing.

We investigate,

We research,

We see gaps.

All the time, our eyes are on the Big Picture:

That of Uncovering and Reaching out to  where the Sex Trafficking Victims are being kept, aiding in their Rescue, helping them to feel Redeemed and Free.

We take Prayerful Action to begin to intervene, sometimes we hit a brick wall, sometimes we are able to start something that matters, sometimes we bark up the wrong tree.

Yet behold the Turtle who only moves when he sticks his neck out. or if at first you don’t succeed, Try Try again.



In the next few drop down pages, you will see what we are doing, trying to do, and wanting to do, plus what we need your  backing to do.