His Place Guest House garden is Blooming!

Probably more therapeutic for us than any big deal in terms of real progress, real ministry, real results;

Yet after more than two long years of being here in The Gambia, where, as the locals say, “It ain’t easy” the sound of the spade and the sight of bougainvillea cuttings along the wall that surrounds the compound, feels really good.

Pretty tame blog for our first blog, but life here where it is always so hard and so slow getting anything done any where, any time and any way. Even Lorraine the Scottish journalist guest who took shelter here during the “slight” crisis of the outvoted president, refusing to step down (and putting sandbagged camouflaged machine gun posts up on all the main junctions): even she realised after two short weeks here, suffering various personal thefts, dishonesty and police nonsense as well as standover tactics by statehouse guards and the run around by so many contacts; that things here can drive you nuts, exasperate you to no end. “It ain’t easy” lol

So thank you Charlie (our friend and live-in staff ) for the comforting sounds of something actually happening here! 🙂

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