Volunteer House Parents Job In Africa

Volunteer House Parents Job In Africa

Samaritana takes a holistic approach to the care of guests and especially VIP guests who will need a large amount of TLC (Tender Loving Care) with a double dose of patience.

This will be a front line field position and in the field, nothing is normal, stable or easy, almost all the time.

It is a comprehensive, challenging & rewarding role as houseparents care physically, mentally, academically, socially & emotionally for any who pass through His Place.

Age – 30+

Ideal Applicants – A Married couple would be a 1st preference, but other suitable applicants are welcome to apply

Length of Service – 6 months to 2 years or longer

Skill Set – Preferably with experience in hosting but not vitally needed as long as you can work under clear lines of Pastoral Authority and preferably have some field experience in working with women & children, needing shelter, or coming from a background of prostitution/hustling in Africa or elsewhere.

All our staff are self funding (although we seek funding to help with some of the costs for Sex Trafficking Ministry Workers here in Africa.

We are a faith based Christian ministry and applicants would need likewise to be Dedicated Followers of Jesus

Please complete the application form below and please note that references will be thoroughly checked.

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