Introduction to Samaritana

Briefly, the story of the Samaritan woman at the well meeting Jesus in the Gospel according to John, Chapter 4, teaches us that God loves us in spite of however much we are living bankrupt lives. This woman had had five husbands already. There is a problem!

The Samaritan woman herself focused mainly on the law, but Jesus focused on grace. God values us enough to actively seek us, to welcome us to intimacy with Him.

As a result of Jesus’ conversation with this outcast (as the Samaritans had an even more strict moral code than the Jews!), she could really understand what grace really means.

Today, the modern Samaritan woman still seeks love and grace and acceptance, searching for an encounter with love itself!  No matter what she, or you and I have done, Jesus wants the lost, the seekers after truth, the outcast, those who have been rejected, and abused to come to Him.

From all walks of life, Jesus beckons us to come, and drink of His everlasting water.Jesus made her an offer she could not refuse. He made a truly irresistible offer.

Everyone who drinks this water will never thirst again. (Verse 14) After that encounter with Jesus, she went back to her village and told them to “come” see a man!After her encounter with Jesus, the samaritan woman left her water pot behind and excitedly ran back to her village.  We do not know how she ran, how far she had to run to get to her village, but, we know why she ran.

We could only imagine how with nothing in her hands, she felt free to raise her hands in the air as a guesture of freedom from the things which she thought were secrets.

But because Jesus revealed to her those things in the encounter she had with Him, she must have felt so free within herself and so excited to share the good news to those in her village, that she ran; ran in the midday heat.

“Come, see for yourself! I think maybe this might be the Messiah??