Violence Against Sex Workers in West Africa

A highly credible piece of research about Violence Against Sex Workers in West Africa. The Research was published by US National Library of Medicine  National Institutes of Health in 2015

Female sex workers (FSW) are a vulnerable population for sexual violence and poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Sexual violence against FSW has not been widely studied in The Gambia.

This study will report the prevalence of and evaluate the health issues correlated with forced sex perpetrated by clients against FSW in The Gambia, and will secondly aim to inform future research and efforts to improve health outcomes for survivors of violence.

To read the full article on Violence Against Sex Workers in West Africa 

5 thoughts on “Violence Against Sex Workers in West Africa”

    1. Many Thanks Mardi, will post an update in the news page as well as on the fb group too. The Secret Group, ….in a Brothel, will remain for stuff that needs to be secret.

    1. Yes, you are ofcourse right. Unreported violence or uncaught pedophiles are just that, unknown. However be assured, that this is a violent society behind clothes doors and not so closed: For eg: Corporal punishment in schools is allowed, so do not think a wee strap or a small cane, but think big sticks, think, severe beatings as they have received at home 🙁 Our interns were this morning just facing us again, with the physical impossibility of a younger person of any age, refusing to obey an adult to go fetch something from their (the adults) room. A child simply cannot refuse, not because of the fear of a beating, but because of the shame it would bring for her/him to refuse. Given those examples of submissiveness alongside the horrendous beatings thieves who are caught gte (whilst police stand by, given that they often beat arrested people) kind of makes me think your comments are slightly superfluous, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

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