Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking – Prevention

Preventative Action….We give Preventative Presentations in schools combined with a Sanitary Kits demonstration, which is a full informative reproductive health discussion for girls.

The above picture has Marian The Team Leader holding up a shield with Margaret The Education Sponsor Children coordinator, sharing at The Gambia’s 1st ever deaf camp.

We know that many girls are not taught about relationships and why they should wait until they are married before having sex.  Many of them get married very young before they finish school.  Some of them are offered as brides before they reach 18 years old.

Reproductive Health & Relationship Education In Schools

We go into local schools in the Gambia to teach and discuss with girls and boys, such topics as: puberty; relationships; how babies are made and why one should wait until they are married to have sex.

The Team that recently went to Zoe school to talk to our the girls in the senior class.

From Left to Right: Blessing, our Youth Worker Intern, Pauline from the same church as Blessing.  Regina, the Days For Girls Team Leader and Amani, the Prime Founder of Samaritana Gambia.

 Our Presentation Curriculum – Abusive Relationships

  • Good Touch/Bad Touch.
  • Sexual Abuse: what it is?
  • Saying “No”, plus, where to ask for Help!
  • Prostitution:  What it is and how to avoid it: “Bumsters” are prostitutes too.
  • Trafficking: What it is and how to spot the signs. Who to contact? (includes us giving them our number).

Menstruation and Reproduction Health Awareness

We use a Days for Girls flip-chart which explains the male and female reproduction information with visual aids.  We divide the class into boys and girls groups.

Discussions with the girls are: monthly periods: What they are;  and yes, just about every women in the world has experience having monthly periods.

Days for Girls sanitary kit demonstrations always creates laughter as panties are put on top of what the Presenter is wearing. These sanitary kits are recyclable and can last up to three (3) years. We are linked with the organization called

Sex Trafficking Awareness For Tourist Business Owners

We offer a one hour seminar discussion:

  • What Sex Tourism?
  • What is a Pedophile?
  • What do they think a prostitute is?
  • What do they think of under age sex?
  • What have they seen or overheard that has been suspicious?  Short Video Clips on at the topics.
  • Anonymous Question Box  (which again is always extremely revealing and helpful)

Options for Actions:  take pictures, phone *555, call us, directly intervene, connect with the local Police Child Welfare Officer; formulate a 1-2-3 action plan when something suspicious is seen. ,

A “Round Robin” of what they have learnt in this presentation; what do they still have questions about and how can we help further.

So how can I help?

Our cry remains the same: We Need More People On The Ground! So….. Why not Come, and Join us?  This is our serious question to you.

Or, if you really really cannot come, maybe you could link yourself Margaret The Education Officer so that she has long term partners who actually care about her and her challenges and journey.

She could do with a partner who will encourage her, share ideas (when asked to) and even making “time” financially available to her. We have seen girls flock to her when she revisits the schools.

Exactly how can you link and connect with her personally?

As access to the net is limited for her, the best way would be to sponsor one day a week.

A simple 4 pounds 5 Euros, or $6 once a month would give her a whole lot “time” to access the net and get out to more schools.