Tangled Hands game for the Zoe School senior girls 2016
Christmas 2016, complete with to the left, a sandbagged machine gun emplacement, locked, loaded and ready to fire.


Prayer is the only way for life to be sane!




We love to see the library cushion and prayer room being used by such a delightful pair!




Looks that can haunt you.

Both young women did not finish primary school being able to read and write. One is hungry to learn how, and Samaritana has been blessed with some small funds to enable her to go to school five mornings a week; Plus we give her extra lessons in our ‘spare time’.





It can be tricky sewing when the machine is working, and your child is working to get your attention. One of our constant needs is to have  a professional nursery teacher, which can be a combination private and free group of children.








The first recyclable bag made out of throw away water bags, which were the only supply of water for most urban Gambians, until plastic bags were banned.




Shalom Cafe, built by Amani, finishing touches by Paddy, made a profit in the third month it was operating. We had it buzzing with a Free Film Club, A Free Library, A free Women’s Garden, Free English Classes, Wolof Classes, Samaritana Women’s group met there (as the place was built as a safe place to reach out to women on the adjacent Tourist Strip, in the bars and later in the Brothels too.

Our cake & ice cream & pizza & real Starbucks Coffees were to die for



Amani encouraging, entreating and educating our young student friends at a school we have visited often.

Its a Christian School, where about one third of the students are ordinary paying students, one third are sponsored students and one third are entirely free students



Britannia Pub, a real ugly scene, a meat market