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Samaritana started in 2015 reaching out to girls who are hustling in the infamous SeneGambia tourist strip

From there it grew into making Recycled plastic water bags, then Rag bags, then Recyclable Sanitary kits, all the while visiting the local brothels to show love to the girls there.

2 Interns in 2017 who took things to the next step and that was doing 3 week presentations in schools, where we quickly uncovered a high degree of sexual abuse both by staff and in local communities.

After years of fighting to get Memorandum of Understandings with some Government departments amidst demands for fast fast money from their people, we now have 3 years later MOU with the Education and DSW, the Police and the support of the local Bakau community. The Field Workers team is now 5.

God provided an excellent compound and The Samaritana Board (which is Gambian controlled now) in 2018 agreed to purchase it. We provide accommodation as requested by victims, police and family.

We also run a Free Community Library there with 1500 books, provide occupational and small group Rehabilitation using Play, Dance, Puppets, Water and Song Poems and other forms of Therapy.

In 2020, after our fast promoted Intern to Investigator to Team Leader to CEO’s instigation, a parallel Samaritana was started in Liberia because of our reception there by a number of young women’s organisations who were desperate for a Safe House. we have established begin to Reach, Rescue, Rehabilitate, Redeem Victims and Survivors, as well as prosecuting Offenders. The Team numbers 5

Below is listed in no particular order a list of our current activities

1 BRA’s: We supply bra’s and other free items to survivors of sexual abuse, to their mothers and sisters too, & to girls & women in our neighbourhood.

2 COURT WORK: We always accompany survivors and witnesses to court.

3 EVIDENCE: We replace lost case evidence, monitor it so it gets safely into & out of the Prosecution office, we continue doing this with Govt prosecutors too. We had to replace a damming picture 4 times..go figure!

4 FOODSTUFFS: We redistribute free foodstuffs given to us, by a local supermarket in Fajara, passing any balance onto Hart House (children with physical & intellectual disabilities).

5 KITS: We make Recyclable Sanitary Kits (Occupational Therapy) which gives days back to girls for their education, days that they currently lose. The kits last 3 yr & survivors can earn whilst learning to sew

6 LIBRARY: See Above, in a country with very high adult illiteracy we are proud of our facility which was part of the original vision given to us by GOD.

7 MICRO-ENTERPRISE FUND: is available to all SamT team members so as to broaden their skills base

8 POLICE: We get referrals from Police HQ & follow up victims and monitor their cases as well as offenders

9 SCHOOLS: We do School Presentations focusing on Good and Bad Touch, Relationships, Prostitution and Menstralation. Our Annon Question Box, that we use every session, always uncovers abuse

10 SPONSORS: We find ourselves acting as agents for tourists who ask us to handle sponsorship money gets to the family and child they are sponsoring.

11 SHELTER: We can shelter sexual abuse survivors, up to 10 children in at any one time. Our shelter is under the guidance of the DSW.

12 SURVIVORS: We do long term rehab ministry with survivors in Group Therapy (Art, Physical, Puppet Work, Dancing, Drama etc) as well as individual mentoring.

13 We pray for and with the victims and survivors however we do not proselytise