INTERNS for Sex Trafficking Ministry amongst Women and Children in West Africa

Age:  Over 18+
Gender  Either
Length of Internship 6 months to 2 years
Type of Internship. Entrepreneur, Teaching English and Maths, Childcare, Admin, Publicity, Gardening, Sewing


Your Intern Role in a Faith-Based Trafficking Ministry here in West Africa could involve all of the following: 

From household chores like cooking and cleaning, and or mentoring (in Literacy, Maths, Bible Reading etc) to Sewing, Gardening with the women along with Child Care.   Visiting Bars and Brothels and befriending women or looking for leads for those caught in Sex Trafficking throughout West Africa are just a few things an intern may become involve.

Your Internship will include various Units tailored to your Internship Specialty.

Each Unit will last from 2-4 weeks during which you will be required to read, study, write, think, act, and then reflect on those actions.

Generally you can expect to be be working 6 days a week. But don’t fret, there will a well thought out range of down time, time out, and days off.

You will be committed to, living life on the front line, being flexible, adaptable, and able to adjust to the needs of Sex Trafficking Ministry where our motto is “Whatever it takes” You will find it hard at times, it will make you want to weep, yet you can always keep the peace you have in Christ if you put that relationship first.

On our part, you will receive mentoring, feedback, mutual appraisals, assignments, pastoral care and a wide range of teaching and being led by example.

Budget  Basic Budget of 100 – 200 pounds per month needed depending on your lifestyle [Euros=125, USD 140].  A bed is provided, as is 24/7 fast net plus fresh veggies from the garden.

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