Volunteer Roles & Vacancies In The Gambia

Not surprisingly, Vacancies do exist in Anti Sex Trafficking Ministry amongst Women and Children in West Africa. 

Please note, as we are a faith based ministry, applicants would need likewise to be dedicated followers of Jesus.

All our Expat staff are self funded which is a natural part of journeying in faith.

 If you are reading this page, we assume that you prepared to go anywhere and do anything for Christ. Naturally, practical questions will go through your mind.  The monetary cost?

What will my Budget need to be?  We are so glad you asked that.

It could be as low as 100 pound per month depending on your tastes and bargaining abilities, so allow 200 pound and you will be sweet and happy [Equivalent in Euros is about 150 -250. In USD is just a little bit more 175-275]

Accommodation? Provided (it might include a shared room) plus 24/7 fast internet, and vegetables fresh from our garden.

And the bird? Native to The Gambia, probably view-able in the estuary 10 mins walk from us.

Current Vacancies

Please Note: Your Length of Service could be as short as a month or it could be for Life

  • Psychologist / Counselors specialising in Sexual Abuse Trauma
  • Assistant Operations Manager
  • Guest House Parent
  • Youth, Publicity, Entrepreneur-ship, Teaching 101, Art Therapy, Evangelism and Worship
  • Short Term Volunteers/Gap Year Students/Sewing Instructors/Swimming Teachers, you name it, we could possibly use you.

 General Duties

We seek to live as community of believers who live work, eat, laugh, cry, pray and worship together.

We do chores together, whether we are live in staff or living locally.

Typically, chores include watering our massive garden where the vegetables are sometimes coming out our ears;   Or you might simply be helping with the dishes, or a broom and mop, it might involve cleaning toilets, shopping, etc.

Could God be quietly calling you?

Are you listening?

Are you prepared to go anywhere, do anything for Jesus?

If the answer to the last question was no, then thanks for visiting the site but we will not be able to use as a member of our team

If your answer to that last question was Yes, Please see the individual notes pertaining to each category, click above on the “Help us?” tab and simply fill out the form or contact us on fb @ PA Chrisp for a quick chat.