Sexual Exploitation & Human Trafficking – Social Intervention

SAMARITANA GAMBIA is committed to meeting women where they are and earning their trust through offering friendship and presence during bar and street outreach and home visitations.

Its how it was started; its how it is now and It will always be at the heart of having genuine friendships with women at the well, even with those who are still in denial about their hustling for toubabs (foreigners)

  • We know through personal experience, Jesus alone is the redeemer.
  • We encourage and support women in reclaiming their lives in their way, in their time.
  • We’ve seen women go from believing they are worthless to walking in confidence.
  • We have also lost women back into sex slavery, and lost contact with them again.
  • We rely on God to continue do the redeeming in our own lives, as well as in the women.

Our outreach is three-dimensional.

Reaching Out

SAMARITANA GAMBIA provides direct services to broken women. The majority of our resources go toward reaching these women in their seemingly hopeless situations.

We do this through home visitations, and going into bars and brothels.

Through these numerous avenues SAMARITANA  GAMBIA builds meaningful, Christ-centered relationships with women in bars, brothels and anything in between. From there, we encourage them to consider their future and what they need to do to change.


It is only those who find themselves in helpless situations who need rescued. True rescuing requires intervention, but rescuing a woman from the streets is different than rescuing someone who is drowning.

For example, familiarity, emotional ties, self-image, and fear keep victims of sexual exploitation from embracing hope. SAMARITANA GAMBIA aids in the long-term rescuing process by being a consistent voice reminding these women that they are worth rescuing.

Women begin the rescue process when a safe relationship is formed and trust is established.

Safe housing is available for victims of human trafficking at His Place, a small guest house in which counselling, mentoring, occupational therapy, art therapy, and a recycling project with a very good long term future is well underway. There is hope.

 Redemptive Work

SAMARITANA GAMBIA aims to provide practical needs while always pointing the women we work with towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Eat what you grow and grow what you eat programme, as well as The Micro-Enterprise Recyclable Sanitary Kits production provides good money as well as another Intervention opportunity, giving reproduction information, and answering questions, like “What is sex”!