Help Us?

Welcome and Thank you for considering whether you might be able to help us.

These are the  main way to help Samaritana to help the children and families of abuse survivors…… 

First and Foremost: Please, Please, PRAY for us as a Team, and PRAY for the victims and survivors.

These women and girls, need our help, but more importantly, they need to know they are loved by our Heavenly Father and that he will heal their pain.

He, alone, can heal, mend broken hearts and give them peace and love.

Please pray for victims and survivors, that God will heal and bind the wounds of trauma.

Please Pray for the Team Leader Mariam, Team members Ben, Margaret, Amani and Paddy.

Please lastly, Pray for more labourers; Jesus followers, who will DO anything, GO anywhere for Him.

Not able to be available on the ground with us? Then here are some other ways you can assist……

  • Link others and donors offering funding, support and sponsorship to Sexual Abuse and Women Empowerment NGO’s, charitable organizations, charity projects charities in Gambia or Any developing Country, where resources are always, always absolutely lacking
  • Charities and NGO’s: Listings and links for individuals and companies supporting and sponsoring,  Sexual Abuse and Women Empowerment non profit organizations and development or aid projects.

Support our First Ever, Go Fund Me Campaigns, Please!

Three children that we want to ensure get to go back to school in September.

Girls all over the developing world rarely have access to any hygienic aids during their monthly. Rags, Cotton, Leaves or nothing: Infection and Death are sometimes the result.   Want to make a difference?   We make Recyclable Kits, Please!

Pray that He will meet survivors current needs, give them perseverance, provision, protection and breakthrough on their journey to true freedom. Right now, we need some starting funding to pay for private trauma counseling.

  • We need on-call faith based trauma counselors.
  • We need Interns!
  • We need House parents!
  • We need Mentors with lots of patience
  • We need people with sewing machine experience and lots of patience!
  • We need gardeners to teach gardening!
  • We need team members to walk the streets and visit the brothels and bars!
  • In short, We need labourers here in the field!!

Short Term (minimum from 3 months, up to 2 years)

Long Term (lifers like ourselves)

We need men and women who are actually waiting upon God’s orders to go anywhere, do anything, all because they know they themselves have been rescued and are prepared to follow Jesus anywhere to do anything for him, with no excuses offered!

If you are interested in helping in any of these facets, please fill out the volunteer application.

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