Human Trafficking in Sub Saharan Africa

Although it has been 200 years since slavery was officially abolished, there are millions of people across the world who are still subject to slave-like conditions. Trafficking is the biggest and fastest means by which people are exploited and forced in to slavery. 

It is unacceptable that men, women and children around the world are exploited and trafficked; it is even more unconscionable that it is happening right now. The causes of human trafficking are complex, intertwined with global development, regional conflict, gender inequality, social instability and lack of education and awareness. This is compounded by the sophistication of global human trafficking rings which prey on vulnerable people, deceive them with false promises and hope, and separate them from their families and support structures.

In Africa, countries act as both a “source” country for those that are trafficked and as a “destination” country where those who are victims of trafficking end up. Both internal and cross-border forms of trafficking are prevalent. This article aims to give a holistic view into the crime in order to raise awareness about what human trafficking is, the causes, what problems people face, the ways to mitigate it and the challenges faced in doing so.

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