Short term Volunteers can be invaluable because of their willingness to serve with a servant heart, and the wider knowledge and experience they bring with them

An example of two short-term Volunteers is exemplified by the picture on the left.

Rosy and Gela held the fort at Shalom Cafe for Samaritana, whilst the Directors  were out of the country meeting the new members of their family aka grandkids.

The period of time was planned carefully to include two weeks of orientation, all in all about 5 months during the quieter rainy season.

Without them, Shalom Cafe would have had to close and Samaritana Women’s groups would have had to be put on hold as they were also looking after the oversight of the group, there being no local available.


  • Age: 18-80
  • Gender: Either
  • Length of Service: 1 to 6 months
  • Skills Needed : Generic


In Sexual Abuse Ministry you must be prepared for hardship and at times lots of frustration.

But because you have come with a servant heart and a willingness to listen and love, your presence can be invaluable.

As long as you are prepared to do anything, go anywhere, then Samaritana Gambia would love to hear from you.

You could find yourself doing cleaning or cooking, gardening with children, pulling weeds whilst you pray, you could be leading us in prayer in our cushion room, or a million other things like helping one on one with English learning or basic basic Math’s learning or maybe teaching how to use a sewing machine, a much needed skill!

You must be prepared to come under authority, theologically as well as in ministry routines, like for example, keeping a prayer journal.

On our part, you will receive from us Mentoring, Feedback, Appraisals, Assignments, Pastoral Care and a wide range of teaching and appropriate time out from your, up to six days a week service here.

You will probably be housed and possibly even fed. But most importantly, encouraged to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

If you are from out of West Africa, Your budget in this self-funded step of faith, would be dependent on your preferred living standard, starting as low as 100 pounds/130 Euros / 160 USD, per month going up to 200 pounds if you wanted to eat the fatted calf so to speak.

And best of all? After stepping out in faith to come here, you could end up applying to Him for a life in the field?

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