Residential House Parents Vacancies In Gambia

Samaritana has a vacancy for House Parents in The Gambia, West Africa.

Samaritana takes a holistic approach to the care of guests and especially VIP guests who will need a large amount of Tender Loving Care with a double dose of patience. This will be a front line field position and in the field, nothing is normal, stable or easy.

This will be a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding role dealing with girls and young women who are recovering and rebuilding their lives having been forced into sexually exploitative positions here in The Gambia.

 What’s the application process?

Candidates begin the process by completing an online application.

After an application is reviewed, a couple considered to be a potential match is contacted for an online interview.

If this goes well, then the candidates are invited to put together an MOU with Samaritana including explaining what they think they understand about the calling.

We strongly encourage a trip to fully understand the role before committing yourselves to saying Yes to it.


What are the requirements of the houseparent position?

Suitable applicants for the position of residential house parent will need to have Faith like never before.

Forget the glossy online pictures of happy Africa, the reality is that life is not easy in The Gambia (a local saying).

Its a journey that is self funded, self motivated, requiring real change, adaptation & flexibility.

 What are houseparent responsibilities?

Houseparents care for the guests physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Houseparents oversee chores which everyone shares in. This helps build a sense of community

Time gets filled with activities, chores, meal preparation, occupational therapy , and relaxation/recreation, although each guest has an individual plan that tends to evolve and is always according adapted to their needs

Weekends allow for a more relaxed schedule, although there is still a need to prepare meals with guests each day. Houseparents are encouraged to plan and participate in healthy guest-focused activities.

An inhouse time of service requires you to be available on Sunday mornings to facilitate it, (if any guest is not yet ready for a “church” outing)

 What are the administrative duties?

Houseparents administrative responsibilities include both guest needs and operational matters. This load is not heavy as His Place in The Gambia only has room for 4 – 6 guests at a time

 What about spiritual support?

Houseparents are required to develope outside spiritual support for themselves. Using prayer journal is required at this synchronises with teaching guests about journaling and asking questions, as well as literacy skills, with self expression to God, a part of their needed emotional healing from the horror of the situations they have come from.

 Can family and friends visit at His Place?

Yes. Guests are permitted, including overnight, but there are clear and specific policies and procedures regarding guests that must be followed.

What’s the houseparent work schedule?

The houseparent work schedule is subject to change in order to more effectively meet guest and programmatic needs, as identified by the Directors.

What about compensation?

Whilst the rewards are heavenly, there is only a basic budget for running His Place: This includes the 24/7 internet, electricity and water plus a modest budget for small maintenance.

Therefore this is a self funded role just as the Directors are self funded.

Your estimated Budget could be as low as 150 pounds/ Usd 200/ Euros 180 if single and more if there are 2 of you

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