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His Place WAS a Christian Retreat House and a Specialist VIP Guest home. It WAS the result of a specific vision given to us during our Quiet Times in 2016. Its distinctive flavour WAS be a Place where anyone can find peace, quietness, rest and prayer for their body, soul and mind.

Many girls and women in The Gambia have not always had a stable home environment. This is a huge hurdle in dealing with past trauma.

His Place aims to provide a safe and stable consistent environment which we believe is a key to building a new life for vulnerable women and girls wanting to, or able to, leave the sex industry or sexually abusive circumstances.

Women’s Refuge In Gambia, West Africa

His place is therefore actually a Specialist VIP Guest Home for women and girls who are able to leave the sex industry.

They are treated as VIP Guests.  

They are supported, mentored and cared for by staff and volunteers under the supervision of Paddy and Amani.

 Supporting The Victims Of Human Trafficking

Exiting the sex industry or a sexual abusive home life can be difficult and painful.

It requires a specific approach with focused attention on the unique needs involved.

There is also work to be done on relapse and prevention to help them fight the temptation to go back to the industry or an abusive home environment.
Aiding and helping them deal with past trauma through counselling and group work is seen as our priority

What happens with the VIP Guests?

Those who come as VIP Guests at His Place will have an opportunity to gain necessary life skills.

Becoming part of His Place, the VIP Guests will need to agree to part take in programmes of Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, Literacy, Devotional, Gardening, as well as fun things like Games and Beach walks etc.

Professional Counseling is also available.

They will be counseled, discipled, and educated to assist them to become eventually able to live independantly.  Each person will be loved each step of the way. These things will empower them to begin a journey to live a healthy and holistic life.

Can anyone else use His Place?

Anyone who wants peace and quiet in a large light and bright airy gardened compound where your needs are very much our priority.

You are welcome to enquire about making a booking for yourself or for a small group, for overnight or for a day use. Please note that we rarely take booking for longer than a week due to the need to be flexible for the sake of our prime guests as explained above.

For a look at our protocols for Guests page which is listed in the drop-down tab immediately after this tab on the main menu

His Place  is more than a home.  It has become a ministry that includes housing, a ministry centre and a place to work and serve by volunteering. All of this is specifically designed for women and girls who escape the sex industry and want to be mentored and cared for in a supportive and loving manner.

It provides women with a place to heal, learn life skills, and to experience the love of God in a real and tangible way.