Samaritana has a vacancy for a Resident Counselor, Psychologist or Sexual Abuse Therapist in The Gambia, West Africa.

Samaritana takes a holistic approach to the care of our VIP guests who like all survivors, will need a large amount of “tender loving care”. This will be a front line field position and you will need to be aware that in the field, rarely is anything normal, stable or easy. In West Africa, that is never more true.

This will be a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding role dealing with girls and young women who will be only at the very begining stage of going through a life changing traumatic journey of conflict with their family having been forced into sexual exploitation here in The Gambia, most often by their family.

What are the requirements of the position?

Suitable applicants for the position of resident counselor will need to have a very strong faith.  Forget the glossy online pictures of “happy” Africa.

The reality is that life here is not easy (a local saying). If you haven’t served in Africa before, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Professional qualifications are preferred. Experience in counseling abuse victims will be considered if accompanied by impeccable references which will be thoroughly checked.

The battle is also against the “Culture of Silence” prevails over sexual abuse.  This was solidified in concrete over the last twenty-two years of a repressive dictatorship with informers everywhere.  The “Culture of Silence” is the only feasible way for young people to live within the community and extended family here.

Being here in The Gambia will be a journey that is self funded, self motivated, requiring changes you never thought of with a absolute need for maximum adaptability and flexibility.

What about spiritual support?

One of the Directors is an Anglican priest so he is at your service. You will also be required to develop outside spiritual support for yourself. Additionally you be asked to use a prayer journal as an extension of your own professional actions and reflection. This synchronises with teaching our VIP guests about journaling or “picture” stories. This will help them to ask questions of God, as well as develop their literacy skills and express themselves to God in their own way which will be an important part of eventually bring emotional healing..

What about compensation?

Whilst the rewards might be heavenly, this is a self funded role just as the Directors are self funded too.

Having stated that, because of the crucial role you may play in the healing of our VIP guests, Samaritana Gambia will undertake to provide funding to assist a successful candidate to be able to live off site in a suitable accommodation if agreed upon by both parties.

Your own estimated Budget could therefore be as low as 200 pounds/ USD 250/ Euros 230 per month, depending on your lifestyle.

What’s the application process?

Candidates begin the process by completing an online application. After an application is reviewed, and if it is a potential match, you will be contacted for an online interview.

If this goes well, then the candidate will be invited to put together a Memorandum of Understanding with Samaritana Gambia.

This will also include an explanation of what they understand about their calling.

We strongly encourage a trip to the Gambia to fully understand the role, and the conditions here before saying “Yes” to God and to us. (The parable of the Foolish Builder comes to mind).

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