About Us

This ministry , Samaritana Gambia, started in 2014 by Paddy and Tru Chrisp, Founders. Paddy, from New Zealand, is an Anglican priest, former youth pastor and teacher.  Tru, from USA is a Youth For Christ International worker.  She is a human rights lawyer who advocates for all the victims at Samaritana Gambia and Liberia.   Whether assisting the local lawyers in court or visiting families and/or schools, Tru makes herself available to be a voice for the voiceless.  Paddy and Tru have been married for over 19 years.  They have four adult children and five grandchildren.

Paddy and Tru were called to West Africa to make a difference in the lives of those young lives who have been sexually abused and human trafficked.

After a short time in the Gambia, God then connected them with Marian Faye and Blessing Edith.  They began going into schools doing presentations and into the local communities to raise awareness of sexual abuse. Marian has since become Samaritana Gambia’s Country Director.  She is the person who now makes sure the team gets into schools and local communities, go to court with victims and care for all aspects of their lives.  She also guides, leads, and love them to Jesus.  We are grateful for Marian and Team.

After eight years in the Gambia, Paddy and Tru heeded the call to Liberia.  They went to Liberia in August 2021 to set up a very similar ministry as in The Gambia.  There, God orchestrated a Team of five Liberian women, sold out to make a difference in this area of ministry in their country.  This Team goes to Court with victims, chase perpetrators and meet once a week with all victims/survivors at the Samaritana Liberia Center.  This is where they encourage victims to become involved with activities, such as working with their hands.  As they do this, the Team is also equipped to share Jesus with them in their own cultural Liberian way.  In April 2022, God blessed Samaritana Liberia with Hope House.  It is a safe house for victims. 

We are so grateful to the Lord for connecting us with these women and pray that God will continue to use them in His own way.